June 2016



Some clients are all about going from blonde to brunette and back again, but constant bleaching and color treatments can wreak havoc on hair. Luckily the minds at Eufora, including their super smart R&D Director and Chemist, James Grundy, have been hard at work finding a solution to this problem so clients leave the chair with gorgeous, healthy hair every time.

Eufora International is proud to announce the launch of Color Elixir™ professional additive. Formulated with NAOPLEX™ Technology, a proprietary complex of supercharged natural antioxidants and vegetable proteins:The color additive:

• Targets free radicals and prevents them from attacking or damaging the hair during chemical services
• Improves strength & elasticity
• Slows down oxidative process to help color penetrate better into the hair
Resulting in:

• 2X improvement in oxidative stability
• 3X the anti-breakage benefits
• True to Swatch Results

April 2013 – The Basics Alaska Charity Event

The Basics mission is to advocate and support children in need of shoes and winter clothing, 

which would enable healthy, safe, active lifestyles in school, sports, and recreational 
setting. Launching the newly formed non-profit began during the fall of 2012, focusing on 
the needs of the Children in Transition program with the Anchorage School District, serving 
over 3,800 students. The goal of “The Basics” is to expand statewide within Alaska.

What sets The Basics apart from other non-profits?
1. Efficient, effective process which enables staff to supply gym shoes & winter gear 
in a timely manner.
2. Children will not be singled out or recognized as a peer in need.
3. Staff working with The Basics will provide quarterly reports to The Basics Executive 
Board, which then will be disseminated to sponsors, donors and members.
Stop by the salon and check out our silent auction items, product of the month, and sign 
up for the "Walk/Run in My Shoes" event on April 30th. All proceeds benefit Anchorage 
children in need.

Beautifying Elixirs are HERE!

The quest for perfect hair has given us the antithesis of perfect. The barrage of chemical treatments and styling tools that give immediate gratification eventually damage and traumatize hair, leaving it limp and lifeless. Return hair to its virginal state with the new Eufora Intl. Beautifying Elixirs™ that feature nine prestige products that will have hair looking, feeling and behaving like healthy hair in no time – feeling is believing.

All products in the Beautifying Elixirs™ line contain Eufora’s proprietary technologies Damage Cure Complex™ and Vibrant Color Complex™. Contrary to popular belief, sulfates aren’t the only culprit when it comes to color fading; oxidation and UV rays can strip color from hair, leaving it damaged, brittle and weak. In order to fight against these and extend color endurance, intense damage to the hair cuticle must first be repaired so color has something to adhere to.

The Damage Cure Complex™ repairs structural damage to the hair from the inside out by penetrating deeply into the inner and outer hair cuticle and hair shaft to restore lipids, important nutrients and amino acids crucial for strong, moisturized hair, while also providing protection against further damage. Once structural damage is repaired, color can better bond to the hair. Eufora’s Vibrant Color Complex™ protects chemically processed or natural hair color from fading with the most powerful and scientifically proven antioxidant and UV protection in hair care.

Another unique feature of Beautifying Elixirs™ is that all products are a 100% Active Formula, meaning every single ingredient has a purpose. Beautifying Elixirs™ contain no fillers and are cruelty-free.

June 2012 Color Locking System

  • Preserve color 30% longer
  • Protect from heat styling damage and moisture loss
  • Strengthen your hair and improve elasticity

 Sculpture Styling Glaze and Illuminate Shine Mist work together to close the cuticle, seal the follicle and lock-in color.  Right now you get a FREE Fortifi Strengthening Spray with purchase of Eufora’s Color Locking System.  Fortifi is a protien spray that helps fill in the holes that chemical processes leave behind. 

May 2012

Product of the Month


Just enough hold and just enough shine.  Perfect for a well-groomed look without stiffness or stickiness. Provides an anti-humectant to control frizz and enhance natural curl and wave.  Delivers a light to medium hold for versitile styling that is easily re-workable throughout the day.  Eufora’s ProAmino Peptide Complex provides a “wear-in” treatment benefit for healthier hair and scalp.

$5.00 off until May 31st

Essential Hydration

Fall is definitely here, and so are the cool temperatures and the dry air. Give your hair some well needed hydration. Restore moisture and manageability to dry, coarse or chemically treated hair. Unique sun protection system and “wear-in” treatment benefits prevent color fading and breakage.

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I've been getting my hair cut with Sam at Stylized for several years now. No matter what kind of haircut or color you want done, Sam is the man to do it. Sam is friendly, humorous and knows what he is doing. I've never left the salon feeling like I didn't have the haircut that I wanted. If you are looking for a reasonably priced salon then Stylized is the place to go!

Sam has also cut my kid's hair. When football season comes around my son knows to see Sam to plan out his football season haircut and color.

Tania M.

Having just moved from LA I was naturally a bit anxious about getting my first haircut in Anchorage. I ran into a woman with a fabulous haircut at Nordstrom, and she gave me the name and number of this place and the stylist (and owner) Sam. I have also heard good things about his other stylist, Wendi.

I have curly hair and he managed to cut a very stylish asymmetrical bob that was a dream. He spent time, did not rush, and has a good approach.

Total bill -$37. A steal considering what I am used to!

I will be going back... I think now that he knows my hair I can go a bit more edgy with my lines. :)

Amanda C.