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The quest for perfect hair has given us the antithesis of perfect. The barrage of chemical treatments and styling tools that give immediate gratification eventually damage and traumatize hair, leaving it limp and lifeless. Return hair to its virginal state with the new Eufora Intl. Beautifying Elixirs™ that feature nine prestige products that will have hair looking, feeling and behaving like healthy hair in no time – feeling is believing.

All products in the Beautifying Elixirs™ line contain Eufora’s proprietary technologies Damage Cure Complex™ and Vibrant Color Complex™. Contrary to popular belief, sulfates aren’t the only culprit when it comes to color fading; oxidation and UV rays can strip color from hair, leaving it damaged, brittle and weak. In order to fight against these and extend color endurance, intense damage to the hair cuticle must first be repaired so color has something to adhere to.

The Damage Cure Complex™ repairs structural damage to the hair from the inside out by penetrating deeply into the inner and outer hair cuticle and hair shaft to restore lipids, important nutrients and amino acids crucial for strong, moisturized hair, while also providing protection against further damage. Once structural damage is repaired, color can better bond to the hair. Eufora’s Vibrant Color Complex™ protects chemically processed or natural hair color from fading with the most powerful and scientifically proven antioxidant and UV protection in hair care.

Another unique feature of Beautifying Elixirs™ is that all products are a 100% Active Formula, meaning every single ingredient has a purpose. Beautifying Elixirs™ contain no fillers and are cruelty-free.

June 2012 Color Locking System

  • Preserve color 30% longer
  • Protect from heat styling damage and moisture loss
  • Strengthen your hair and improve elasticity

 Sculpture Styling Glaze and Illuminate Shine Mist work together to close the cuticle, seal the follicle and lock-in color.  Right now you get a FREE Fortifi Strengthening Spray with purchase of Eufora’s Color Locking System.  Fortifi is a protien spray that helps fill in the holes that chemical processes leave behind. 

May 2012

Product of the Month


Just enough hold and just enough shine.  Perfect for a well-groomed look without stiffness or stickiness. Provides an anti-humectant to control frizz and enhance natural curl and wave.  Delivers a light to medium hold for versitile styling that is easily re-workable throughout the day.  Eufora’s ProAmino Peptide Complex provides a “wear-in” treatment benefit for healthier hair and scalp.

$5.00 off until May 31st

Essential Hydration

Fall is definitely here, and so are the cool temperatures and the dry air. Give your hair some well needed hydration. Restore moisture and manageability to dry, coarse or chemically treated hair. Unique sun protection system and “wear-in” treatment benefits prevent color fading and breakage.

For the Love of a Child

Stylized is a supporter of ChildHelp, a charity for abused and neglected children. All through the month of September, Stylized is selling candles, t-shirts, buttons and wrist bands. Every cent goes to ChildHelp.
Our product line, Eufora, is a corporate sponsor of ChildHelp. Sam, Wendi and Mary are traveling to Eufora’s Global Connection Event in San Diego on October 23rd and hope to present them with a check for $500. Please help us reach our goal.

NEW! Powder Lift

Eufora Intl’s new Powder Lift is a unique, weightless volumizing solution that gives consumers a new and different way to get great volume and lift at the scalp. Powder Lift incorporates Eufora’s signature Certified Organic Aloe Vera with a unique ionic repulsion technology that turns liquid into powder then back into liquid during use. It’s a powder that’s really 90 percent liquid!

This versatile styling innovation uses ionic repulsion to thicken hair and deliver a lightweight, natural feeling texture with a matte finish. It’s a perfect solution for creating bigger styles and crown bump without any tacky or drying feeling.
What is ionic repulsion? Everything has a charge; positive or negative. When two molecules come together they either attract or repel one another. In Powder Lift™ here is how this works… Most are familiar with hair conditioners that attract moisturizing ingredients to the hair. This is because they are Cationic, which means they have a positive charge and thus attracted to hair. Powder Lift™ technology from Eufora utilizes negative ion technology to make hair strands repel each other. Powder Lift ™ attaches to hair strands and when this happens each hair strand is coated with a negative charge, which means they repel each other (ionic repulsion) and create fullness and volume.
Powder Lift™ also absorbs excessive oil from the hair giving an added benefit of a dry shampoo but provides moisture and healing benefits too due to the Certified Organic Aloe. A light dusting of Eufora’s new Powder Lift™, instantly refreshes hair for a fuller “just washed” look.
Powder Lift™ can be used multiple ways for great results:
– Sprinkle product directly onto hair roots and massage to create lift and absorb excess oil to refresh style. Layer to create maximum volume and texture.
– Shake product into hands and rake through hair for all-over texture. Makes fine hair feel thick and full instantly without a tacky product feel.
– Blend into other styling and finishing products for extra hold and volume.
While most volumizing products can dry and damage the hair, this people and planet friendly product volumizes while providing healthful hair benefits with key natural and eco-friendly ingredients.
Key Ingredients include:
– Aloe Barbedensis Leaf Juice – Adds moisture and is beneficial for hair and scalp health
– Soy Protein – Enhances hair manageability, body and texture, Improves hair strength
– Panthenol – Vitamin Pro-B5 improves hair condition without weight
– Silica Silylat – Derived from sand provides excellent oil absorption
– Malt Dextrin – Starch that provides conditioning benefits to the hair

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I've been getting my hair cut with Sam at Stylized for several years now. No matter what kind of haircut or color you want done, Sam is the man to do it. Sam is friendly, humorous and knows what he is doing. I've never left the salon feeling like I didn't have the haircut that I wanted. If you are looking for a reasonably priced salon then Stylized is the place to go!

Sam has also cut my kid's hair. When football season comes around my son knows to see Sam to plan out his football season haircut and color.

Tania M.

Having just moved from LA I was naturally a bit anxious about getting my first haircut in Anchorage. I ran into a woman with a fabulous haircut at Nordstrom, and she gave me the name and number of this place and the stylist (and owner) Sam. I have also heard good things about his other stylist, Wendi.

I have curly hair and he managed to cut a very stylish asymmetrical bob that was a dream. He spent time, did not rush, and has a good approach.

Total bill -$37. A steal considering what I am used to!

I will be going back... I think now that he knows my hair I can go a bit more edgy with my lines. :)

Amanda C.